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Malaysia to Regulate ICOs as Securities Offerings from Tuesday

| Yogita Khatri

Malaysia’s securities watchdog will have powers to regulate digital asset offerings and crypto exchanges from tomorrow.

The Biggest Problem for ICOs? In 2018, It Was Their Own Investors

| Simon Seojoon Kim

Hashed CEO Simon Seojoon Kim looks at the inherent limitations of ICOs, in particular the belief that "anyone can invest in an initial project."

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2018 Was the Reality Check. 2019 Starts the Crypto Comeback

| Micah Winkelspecht

In this op-ed, Micah Winkelspecht explains why he believes that 2019 will see the return of bitcoin dominance after 2018's reality checks.

It’s the Crypto Network, Stupid

| Ian Simpson

A simple lesson from the 2018 bearish crypto market: We are better together, argued Ian Simpson of the Crypto Valley Association.

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Building for Bulls, Bears and the Crypto Revolution

| Taylor Monahan

The crypto revolution won't happen overnight – and it won't happen without pragmatism.

Nevermind the Bears: 2018 Was the Rude Awakening Crypto Needed

| Han Yoon

Sure, it was a tough year for crypto. But emerging from that year companies and projects are stronger and growing faster than ever.

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The Herd and the HODLers: Recovering from Crypto’s Two-Year False Start

| David Nage

Cryptocurrency industry observer David Nage thinks we're in the Friendster/Myspace error of blockchain, but that Facebook isn't too far away.

Take 2: News Startup Civil Announces Rebooted Token Sale for February

| Brady Dale

After a failed token sale in October, ConsenSys startup Civil is launching an offering in February that incorporates lessons learned.

When the Tide Goes Out: Big Questions for Crypto in 2019

| Gary Gensler

After this year’s wild market ride and many failed projects, what might cryptocurrency mean for money and finance in 2019 and beyond?

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Violent Delights Lead to Violent Ends: Rebuilding After the Crypto Crash

| Dovey Wan

While emerging assets are always turbulent, 2018 has been an especially violent year for the crypto markets. Lessons need to be learned.