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Former Estonian Prime Minister Becomes Blockchain Startup Advisor

| Nikhilesh De

Former Estonian prime minister Taavi Rõivas is joining cryptocurrency startup Lympo as the chairman of its supervisory board.

A Solution to China’s Pharma Woes Might Be a Blockchain Away

| Muyao Shen

Could blockchain help China avoid its next vaccine scandal – or at the very least, allow for more conversation about such issues?

Pharma Scandal Prompts Calls to Put Vaccine Data on a Blockchain

| Wolfie Zhao

Blockchain technology could help track vaccine data and help avoid safety scandals like the one currently causing uproar in China.

Debbie Bucci

Why the US Department of Health Just Couldn’t Ignore Blockchain

| Michael del Castillo

Bitcoin ransomware threats last year meant many US government agencies were wary of blockchain, but the health department took a different view.

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ASX Exec Calls for Blockchain Use in Healthcare

| Corin Faife

The ASX is putting its weight behind another blockchain use case, arguing it could improve existing healthcare processes.

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Blockchain Startup to Secure 1 Million e-Health Records in Estonia

| Daniel Palmer

Guardtime is to deploy a blockchain system to secure over 1 million patient records within Estonia's eHealth programme.

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How Bitcoin’s Technology Could Reshape Our Medical Experiences

| Matt Weiss

Matt Weiss, Dan Elitzer and Joe Gerber examine how the technology behind bitcoin could assist with emergency and long-term medical treatment.

Sierra Leone Group Diverts Bitcoin Campaign to Fight Ebola

| Jon Southurst

A bitcoin advocacy group in Sierra Leone is switching its focus to a more urgent problem: the Ebola virus.

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California Scientist Seeks Cancer Cure With Bitcoin

| Pete Rizzo

Gene and Cell Technologies, a California-based stem cell research center, now accepts bitcoin.


Bitcoin Funds Scientist’s Cancer Research Project

| Daniel Cawrey

PhD Scientist Isaac Yonemoto hopes bitcoin will help him raise funds to work on 9DS, a cancer-fighting compound.