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The Elk Is a Tiny Prototyping Board for Building Blockchain-Connected Devices

| John Biggs

Elk aims to make it easy to connect hardware devices to blockchains and control electronic components or accept payments.

The Creator of Proof-of-Stake Thinks He Finally Figured It Out

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Pseudonymous developer Sunny King, the creator of proof-of-stake, has a new approach for the consensus mechanism – and it revolves around hardware.

Sony Patent Filings Hint at Work on Crypto Mining Hardware

| Madeline Meng Shi

Japanese technology giant Sony wants to patent two approaches to hosting and maintaining blockchains, newly published documents show.

intel, conference

Silicon Blockchain: Intel’s Distributed Ledger Strategy Is All About Hardware

| Michael del Castillo & Bailey Reutzel

Upending the narrative that software is key in the blockchain space, Intel details its years-long effort to link distributed ledgers to hardware.

Asus Debuts Specialized Motherboard for Cryptocurrency Miners

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Asus is to release a new product aimed at cryptocurrency miners – a motherboard that can be packed with 19 GPUs.

Hardware Over Hard Forks: How Accenture Plans to End Blockchain’s Security Debate

| Michael del Castillo

Can dedicated hardware bring institutions on board with blockchain in a way that consensus-driven hard forks can't? This company is betting on it.