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Steemit to Automate Development Funding With New DAO

| Daniel Palmer

The blockchain project that focuses on monetizing social media sites is launching a DAO in its coming hard fork upgrade.

Privacy Cryptocurrency Zcash Prepares for ‘Friendly’ Fork

| Christine Kim

A new privacy coin, Ycash, will be created in a matter of hours. Here's everything you need to know about the spin-off.

Grin Cryptocurrency Executes First Hard Fork

| Christine Kim

Wednesday's planned system upgrade for the Grin blockchain tweaked a mining algorithm.

Ethereum Devs Approve First Code Changes for ‘Istanbul’ Hard Fork

| Christine Kim

Developers today approved two Ethereum Improvement Proposals for the blockchain's system-wide upgrade in October.

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Meet Alternateth: A ‘Friendly Fork’ of the Ethereum Blockchain

| Christine Kim

One community member holds plans to execute a "friendly fork" of the ethereum blockchain in two months time.

Ethereum Classic’s Next Crypto Code Upgrade Set for September

| Christine Kim

After dissent earlier this month, ethereum classic developers decided today to recommit to a hard fork activation date in September.

Ethereum Classic to Test Code for ‘Atlantis’ Upgrade This Month

| Christine Kim

Ethereum classic developers are speeding up plans to test a proposed upgrade for the blockchain network later this month.

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Privacy Crypto Grin’s First Hard Fork Planned for July

| Christine Kim

This summer will see the first network upgrade for Grin, a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency that uses the technology Mimblewimble.

Ethereum Classic May Delay Upcoming Hard Fork ‘Atlantis’

| Christine Kim

Ethereum Classic developer failed to reach consensus today a "final call" to approve, update or reject upcoming system-wide upgrade or hard fork,…

The Real Discussion About Ethereum’s Next Hard Fork Is About to Begin

| Christine Kim

Ethereum core developers have discussed a list of 29 proposed code changes to be included in ethereum's next system-wide upgrade, Istanbul.