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Ethereum Targets Dec. 4 for Istanbul Mainnet Activation

| Christine Kim

Ethereum’s next system-wide upgrade, Istanbul, is scheduled to arrive on mainnet the week of Dec. 4.

In Big Block Hard Fork, Craig Wright’s Bitcoin Has Left Nodes Behind

| Alyssa Hertig

After a recent network upgrade, nodes separated from the bitcoin SV blockchain, highlighting why hard forks prompt much infighting among devs.

How the Coming Constantinople Hard Fork Could Stir Up Ether Markets

| Sebastian Sinclair

Ether price volatility could spike in the days ahead, courtesy of an upcoming ethereum upgrade scheduled for Thursday.

Traders Now Betting 2-to-1 Bitcoin Cash Fork Will Cause Price Decline

| Sam Ouimet

New data is offering insight into how crypto traders are pricing in a coming technical update to bitcoin cash, one that could cause the world’s…

Ethereum’s Next Blockchain Upgrade Faces Delay After Testing Failure

| Christine Kim

Ethereum developers say Constantinople may be subject to delays following Saturday's test network release.

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Ethereum Is Testing Code for Its Next Hard Fork

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Ethereum developers are already implementing code that's set to be activated in Constantinople, the network's next system-wide upgrade.

Parity Team Publishes Postmortem on $160 Million Ether Freeze

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Parity has released new details on how a critical code flaw resulted in the freezing of $160 million worth of ether.


Relief and Disbelief: Bitcoin Reacts to Sudden ‘2x’ Suspension

| Pete Rizzo & Alyssa Hertig

Bitcoin's attempted '2x' software upgraded is cancelled – and some in the cryptocurrency's community think that's cause for celebration.

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2x Called Off: Bitcoin Hard Fork Suspended for Lack of Consensus

| Alyssa Hertig

A controversial plan to change the bitcoin software has been abruptly called off, just weeks before its expected release.

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Bitcoin Gold: What to Know About the Blockchain’s Next Split

| Alyssa Hertig

What is bitcoin gold? A new cryptocurrency project expects to launch today. Here's what it is and why it matters.