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Hacked Crypto Exchange Bitpoint Discovers More Millions Are Missing

| Daniel Palmer

After a $30-million hack last week, Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint says it's discovered that another $2.3 million is missing. 

Singapore Exchange Bitrue Hacked for Over $4 Million in Crypto

| Daniel Palmer

Bitrue was hacked early Thursday morning for over $4 million in XRP and cardano. Users who experienced losses will be refunded, it says.

Synthetix Trader Rolls Back Broken Trades That Netted $1 Billion Profit

| John Biggs

A rogue API caused Synthetix pricing to go wild. A bot profited, but the bot owner rolled back the trades.

Two Israeli Brothers Arrested for Phishing Fraud, Bitfinex Hack

| Daniel Kuhn

The brothers two allegedly embezzled over $100 million over a multi-year scam.

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Mozilla Closes Holes That Led to Coinbase Hacks

| John Biggs

Hackers used two simple Mozilla vulnerabilities to spear-phish Coinbase employees.

TrendMicro Detects Crypto Mining Malware Affecting Android Devices

| Daniel Kuhn

The botnet enters through the Android Debug Bridge port and spreads through SSH.

Russian Hackers May Have Carried Out Largest Ever Crypto Exchange Theft

| Daniel Palmer

Russian hackers, not North Korean, may be the bad actors behind probably the biggest ever theft from a cryptocurrency exchange.

New Monero Botnet Looks Like Last Year’s Outlaw Attack

| Daniel Kuhn

A rogue botnet uses a brute force attack and Secure Shell (SSH) exploit to give the attackers remote access to victim’s systems in order to mine…

Crypto Developer Komodo ‘Hacks’ Wallet Users to Foil $13 Million Theft

| Benedict Alibasa

Cryptocurrency wallet developer Komodo has effectively hacked its own customers to protect their funds from an external attack.

North Korean Hackers Target Crypto Exchange UPbit’s South Korean Users

| John Biggs

North Korean hackers have been using a familiar phishing tool to steal UPbit customer details, security experts allege.