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‘Panda’ Crypto Malware Group Has Nabbed $100K in Monero Since 2018

| Daniel Palmer

Cisco Talos has identified a group behind a spate of cryptocurrency-mining malware attacks targeting enterprise networks globally.

Browser Extensions Can Help Scammers Steal Your Bitcoin: Casa CEO

| Anna Baydakova

Browser add-ons can steal your crypto and identifying information, said Casa's Jeremy Welch

Cybercriminals Selling Hacked Fiat Money for Bitcoin at 10% of Its Value

| Daniel Palmer

Dark market sellers are offering fiat cash for bitcoin at heavily discounted prices, but there's a catch.

Man Offering Hacking Services for Bitcoin Gets 20-Month Jail Sentence

| Daniel Palmer

A British man has been handed jail time and ordered to forfeit over £400,000 ($487,000) for offering hacking services and stolen data for crypto.

UN Investigating 35 North Korean Military-Funding Cyberattacks

| Daniel Palmer

A more detailed U.N. report says North Korea is attacking banks via the SWIFT network, hacking crypto exchanges and cryptojacking.

Stolen Binance Funds Still Being Laundered Through Mixers, Researchers Claim

| William Foxley

Funds from Binance's May hack are still moving through a mixing service according to research firm Clain

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State-Sponsored Chinese Hacking Group Targeting Crypto Firms: Report

| Daniel Kuhn

An intelligence company released a report indicating the connection between Chinese authorities and a crypto-exploitative hacking collective.

North Korea Stole $2 Billion in Crypto and Fiat to Fund Weapons Programs

| Daniel Palmer

North Korea is funding its weapons of mass destruction via hacks of banks and crypto exchanges, says a confidential U.N. report.

Japanese Crypto Exchange Bitpoint Restarting Trade Services

| William Foxley

The exchange lost 3 billion yuan during a hack on July 11.

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Hackers Infect 50,000 Servers With Sophisticated Crypto Mining Malware

| Benedict Alibasa

Hackers have breached over 50,000 servers across the world to mine cryptocurrency using unusually sophisticated tools, according to a new report.