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How South Africa’s ‘Shark Tank’ Saw its First Bitcoin Investment

| Corin Faife

Bitcoin made an unexpected appearance on an episode of the popular TV series "Shark Tank" this week.

Civic Demos Vision for Blockchain Web Login Service

| Pete Rizzo

Civic previewed a new use case for its decentralized identity service today at Money2020 in Las Vegas.

ID theft

Vinny Lingham Leaves Gyft, Raises $2.75 Million for Identity Startup

| Pete Rizzo

The former CEO of bitcoin gift card service Gyft, has announced that his latest startup venture, Civic, has received $2.75m in funding.


Gallery: Bitcoin and Blockchain Feature at Money 20/20 2015

| Pete Rizzo

Bitcoin and the blockchain were frequent topics at the annual Money20/20 conference held in Las Vegas last week.

gyft, vinny lingham

Gyft Co-Founder: Credit Card Spending Now Outpacing Bitcoin

| Yessi Bello Perez

Vinny Lingham, Gyft co-founder and CEO, explains how bitcoin payments on his digital card platform have decreased.


ChangeTip Users Can Now Turn Bitcoin Tips into Gift Cards

| Grace Caffyn

ChangeTip users can now withdraw bitcoin from the platform in the form of gift cards, thanks to an integration with Gyft this week.

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Gyft Unveils New Tech for Blockchain-Powered Gift Cards

| Pete Rizzo

Gyft has partnered with Chain to create Gyft Block, a digital gift card trading platform, as part of its drive towards 'gift cards 2.0'.


Gyft to Embrace ‘Radical’ Blockchain Concept in Gift Card Fraud Fight

| Pete Rizzo

Gyft CEO Vinny Lingham has announced plans for his mobile gift card company to use blockchain technologies.

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First Data: Gyft Deal Will Help Us Evaluate Bitcoin

| Pete Rizzo

First Data's Mark Putman talks about his company's acquisition of Gyft and its initial interests in the bitcoin space.

Gyft Updates iOS App, Adds Bitcoin Payments Option

| Tanaya Macheel

Mobile gift card wallet Gyft has updated its iOS app, adding a bitcoin payments option for iPhone users.