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Grin Cryptocurrency Executes First Hard Fork

| Christine Kim

Wednesday's planned system upgrade for the Grin blockchain tweaked a mining algorithm.

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Privacy Crypto Grin’s First Hard Fork Planned for July

| Christine Kim

This summer will see the first network upgrade for Grin, a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency that uses the technology Mimblewimble.

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Privacy Cryptocurrency Grin Receives Mysterious $300K Bitcoin Donation

| Christine Kim

The developers behind the cryptocurrency project Grin are reporting that they have received an anonymous donation of 50 BTC.

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Grin Cryptocurrency to Discuss Change to Mining Difficulty Schedule

| Christine Kim

Grin developers are discussing potential changes to the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency's difficulty schedule.

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Privacy Cryptocurrency Grin Votes to Fund Third Full-Time Developer

| Christine Kim

The community behind privacy-focused cryptocurrency Grin has recently decided to fund its third full-time developer.

Sapphire Tech Targets Grin Cryptocurrency With New GPU Miner

| Nikhilesh De

Sapphire Technology is launching a line of graphics cards designed for mining of the new "grin" cryptocurrency, as well as other tokens.

Grin Mining Launch Draws Interest From Deep-Pocketed Investors

| Brady Dale

Investment firms joined the fray in yesterday's launch of the privacy-focused cryptocurrency known as Grin.

First Grin Block Mined as Mimblewimble Privacy Crypto Goes Live

| Christine Kim

Grin, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency built on "mimblewimble" tech, has gone live on mainnet.

The First Cryptocurrency to Use Mimblewimble Privacy Tech Is Now Live

| Christine Kim

A new privacy coin called "Beam" just launched on mainnet. It's based on the highly-regarded "mimblewimble" white paper outlining support for…

Grin and Beam: A Tale of Two Coins Being Built on Mimblewimble

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Mimblewimble is about to go live – not in one, but in two new cryptocurrency implementations.