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CEX.IO Cuts Bitcoin Trading Fees Amid Mining Market Woes

| Yessi Bello Perez

Bitcoin exchange CEX.IO has revealed plans to cancel its trading fees for a one-week period amid mining market woes.

price decline Halts Cloud Mining Service Due to Low Bitcoin Price

| Stan Higgins has announced that it is suspending its cloud mining service owing to unprofitability and the recent drop in the price of bitcoin.

GHash Mining Pool Generates $250 Million in Bitcoin in One Year

| Stan Higgins

Bitcoin mining pool operator has generated roughly 400,000 BTC in just over 12 months of operation.


The Bitcoin Mining Arms Race: and the 51% Issue

| Jon Matonis

Tensions have eased following the mining industry's summit, but we're still in an ASIC arms race, argues Jon Matonis.

GHash Commits to 40% Hashrate Cap at Bitcoin Mining Summit

| Stan Higgins

Organized by and, attendees failed to agree on a fix but laid the foundation for possible solutions.

Are 51% Attacks a Real Threat to Bitcoin?

| Daniel Cawrey

While mining pools offer better returns for miners, they have caused concerns over their power over the bitcoin network. We Will Never Launch a 51% Attack Against Bitcoin

| Pete Rizzo

CEX.IO has issued a statement addressing the mining pool's growing size and influence over bitcoin's core infrastructure.

BitFury Pulls 1PH/s of Mining Power from Amid Community Uproar

| Pete Rizzo

Due to fears that would reach 51% of the bitcoin network, BitFury is withdrawing resources from the pool.

GHash 50%

CEX.IO Slow to Respond as Fears of 51% Attack Spread

| Roop Gill

As’s hashrate approaches 51% there has been no word from the pool's operating exchange, CEX.IO.


Bitcoin Miners Ditch Pool Over Fears of 51% Attack

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Bitcoin miners around the world are leaving, following a significant increase in the pool’s hash share.