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Adoption of Blockchain to Secure IoT Doubled in 2018, Says Gemalto

| Yogita Khatri

The use of blockchain technology to help secure internet of things data, services and devices doubled last year, Gemalto research suggests.

Gemalto Taps R3 Tech for Blockchain Identity Pilot

| Daniel Palmer

Digital security firm Gemalto is teaming up blockchain startup R3 to pilot a new platform aimed to bring digital identities closer to the mainstream.

Gemalto and Ledger to Court Enterprises With New Cryptocurrency Wallet

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Two security specialists are uniting to build a new security solution for financial institutions working with cryptocurrency.

Gemalto Seeks to Patent Method for Secure Blockchain Identity

| Wolfie Zhao

Security giant Gemalto hopes to be awarded a US patent for a method of verifying identity using blockchain technology.

Gemalto Sees Two Waves of Blockchain Adoption Forming

| Pete Rizzo

Gemalto discusses its recent partnership with Symbiont, what it calls its "first step" in engaging in business opportunities in the blockchain space.


Blockchain Startup Symbiont Partners With Security Giant Gemalto

| Daniel Palmer

Digital security firm Gemalto has partnered with blockchain platform Symbiont to let financial institutions more securely execute smart contracts.

Do Patent Filings from eBay and Western Union Pose a Threat to Bitcoin?

| Pete Rizzo

Big-name companies are attempting to own concepts pertaining to digital currencies. How worried should we be?