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Fans Can Now Bet Crypto on Twitch’s Top ‘Fortnite’ Streams

| Brady Dale

Esports platform Unikrn is debuting a new product that lets fans bet cryptocurrency on Twitch and other gaming sites.

Even at $30, Bitcoin Was More Exciting Than Poker

| Bailey Reutzel

Josh Rossi describes festive nights of playing poker with a who's who of the early bitcoin scene.

Tron Dapps Saw $1.6 Billion in Volume in Q1 2019, Driven By Gambling

| Leigh Cuen

From digital dog racing to a "farm investment game," Tron is finding product-market fit crypto with gambling dapps.

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12 Markets Crypto Decentralization Can Actually Improve

| Kyle Samani

What do virtual real estate and distributed computing have in common? They're both markets where P2P networks can improve efficiencies.

Police Seize $1.5 Million in Crypto During FIFA Gambling Crackdown

| Muyao Shen

A Chinese city has recently cracked a cryptocurrency-traded gambling case and confiscated over $1.5 million worth of cryptocurrencies.

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Macroeconomics, Gambling and Crypto: A Perfect Storm?

| Noelle Acheson

Two small islands are showing us how blockchain-friendly legislation can help encourage development that could affect the whole industry.

Regulated Cryptocurrency Betting Just Got a Big Boost in Europe

| Aaron Stanley

Cryptocurrency gambling is opening up across a large swathe of Europe, as Malta licenses eSports platform Unikrn.

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Malta Is Gearing up to Greenlight Bitcoin Gambling

| Aaron Stanley

The nation of Malta is taking steps to legalize bitcoin and cryptocurrency for use in its domestic gaming industry.

Celebrity Investor Mark Cuban is About to Participate in His First ICO

| Michael del Castillo

Celebrity investor Mark Cuban has revealed he intends to purchase tokens as part of an ICO launched by one of his portfolio startups, Unikrn.

Watch This Ethereum Slot Machine Make Payouts in Real Time

| Corin Faife

A new startup is hoping to tap into the billion-dollar online gambling industry by tapping the power of ethereum smart contracts.