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100 Bitcoin Users Perform What Might Be Largest ‘CoinJoin’ Transaction Ever

| Alyssa Hertig

The startup behind the privacy-centric bitcoin app Wasabi Wallet recently brought together 100 people to collectively execute a "CoinJoin"…

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Privacy Is Vital to Crypto – And the Global Economy

| Michael J Casey

Privacy is needed to enhance the "moneyness" of cryptocurrency. As it is, our entire global system of money has also seen its fungibility deteriorate.

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Crypto Exchange Creating Wallet Blacklist to Fight Fentanyl Crisis

| Marc Hochstein

A crypto exchange startup is seeking to blacklist wallets associated with illicit drug use in an attempt to use the blockchain to save lives.

Privacy on the Blockchain: Where Are We Headed?

| Arianna Simpson

Privacy may be an issue with major blockchains today, but 2017 saw innovations by leaps and bounds, argues VC Arianna Simpson.

MimbleWimble: Silly Sounding Tech Could Seriously Reform Bitcoin

| Catheryne Nicholson

BlockCypher's CEO speaks out about the dysfunction in bitcoin's community and why she believes new tech could help save it.

3 Big Blockchain Ideas MIT is Working on Right Now

| Alyssa Hertig

CoinDesk looks at notable MIT Digital Currency Initiative projects, from reshaping the web, to making blockchains more confidential and auditable.

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Ensuring Bitcoin Fungibility in 2017 (And Beyond)

| David Vorick

Bitcoin Core developer David Vorick explains why ensuring bitcoin's fungibility remains a top priority for 2017.

Coders Named After Harry Potter Characters Join Bitcoin’s ‘Mimblewimble’

| Alyssa Hertig

One of bitcoin's more forward-looking projects has attracted a group of developers who are using some obscure names from the Harry Potter series.

What If One Bitcoin Isn’t Like the Others? Fungibility Debated At Scaling Conference

| Pete Rizzo

The fungibility of bitcoin emerged as a central topic of debate on day one of the annual Scaling Bitcoin conference in Milan.