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Experts Say Mexico’s Regulations Raise the Bar ‘Too High’ for Crypto Entrepreneurs

| Diana Aguilar

New laws are strangling crypto startups before they can begin to trade.


Mexico Is Getting Eight New Cryptocurrency Exchanges

| Diana Aguilar

Fintech firm Amero-Isatek will offer cash-to-crypto exchanges in eight Mexican states

New York Finance Watchdog ‘Fiercely Opposes’ Sandboxes for Fintech Firms

| Madeline Meng Shi

The chief of New York's financial regulatory body said Tuesday that the agency is "fiercely opposed" to regulatory sandboxes for fintech firms

Korea Telecom Announces Blockchain For Network Security

| Leigh Cuen

South Korean telecom provider KT unveiled a new system based on a blockchain security-focused network.

Blockchain and the Rise of Transaction Technology

| Magda Borowik

Governments are centers of trust – so why would they make the leap to blockchains as a way to extend that already vital service?

Mexican Lawmakers Advance Bill to Regulate Bitcoin, Fintech Firms

| Stan Higgins

The upper chamber of Mexico's national legislature has approved a bill that would bring bitcoin exchanges under the oversight of the central bank.

Iranian Central Banker: ‘Risky’ Bitcoin Requires Review

| Sujha Sundararajan

A deputy director from the Central Bank of Iran is reviewing the country's cryptocurrency policy amid a wider fintech push.

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10 Reasons Why Central Banks Will Miss the Cryptocurrency Renaissance

| Eugéne Etsebeth

A former central banker outlines 10 reasons why he believes his former employer (and other banks like it) will fail to adapt to cryptocurrency.

Indian Securities Regulator Reveals Plans to Study Blockchain

| Wolfie Zhao

India's securities markets watchdog has announced that it will explore blockchain for potential applications to its regulatory oversight processes.

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Marketplace Lender Blackmoon to Launch Ethereum Token Management Platform

| Jonathan Keane

Russian fintech firm Blackmoon is launching an ethereum platform for managing tokenized funds.