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FinCEN: Bitcoin Miners Need Not Register as Money Transmitters

| Jon Southurst

The US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) says bitcoin mining "for users' own purposes" is not money transmission.

FinCEN Sends Warning Letters to Unregistered Bitcoin Businesses

| Daniel Cawrey

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has warned bitcoin-related businesses that they must comply with federal money transmission laws.


Bitcoin Ideology and the Tale of Casascius Coins

| Jon Matonis

Mailing bitcoin private keys on a coin-shaped metal disc could be considered money transmission in the US.

Why Bitcoin Fungibility is Essential

| Jon Matonis

If coin validation is introduced, bitcoin's fungibility will be seriously compromised.

US Senate bitcoin banking hearing 01

US Senate Hearing: Present and Future Impact of Virtual Currency

| Emily Spaven

The Present and Future Impact of Virtual Currency hearing will take place today at the US Senate.

Balanced Regulation Could Help the Good in Bitcoin Overcome the Bad

| Daniel Cawrey

Crime is giving bitcoin a bad name. Could regulation help bitcoin fulfil its potential?

Bitcoin Senate hearing

Senate Hearing Discusses Legitimacy and Challenges of Virtual Currencies

| Danny Bradbury

Don't bother running from regulation, said an agency director – because in the long term, there's nowhere to hide.

US Senate hearing bitcoin testimony

Bitcoin Foundation Plays Down Silk Road Connection at Senate Hearing

| Danny Bradbury

Participants will reveal differing opinions on anonymity and Silk Road at a key Senate bitcoin hearing on Monday.


What Exactly Does the US Government Really Think of Bitcoin?

| Jon Southurst

We look at some of the more significant events in bitcoin's short but colorful legal history.

Jeremy Allaire, Circle

Taking bitcoin to a whole new level: Jeremy Allaire reveals all about Circle

| Emily Spaven

Jeremy Allaire tells us about Circle and what he plans to do with the bitcoin company's $9m investment.