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Tehran, Iran

FinCEN Blasts Iran’s ‘Malign’ Use of Crypto to Bypass Economic Sanctions

| Wolfie Zhao

U.S. regulator FinCEN is urging domestic exchanges to prevent Iran from using cryptocurrency to bypass economic sanctions.

FinCEN Says It Now Receives 1,500 Crypto Complaints a Month

| Muyao Shen

FinCEN receives more than 1,500 reports every month from financial institutions regarding cryptocurrencies, a top official said Thursday.

US Lawmakers Want FinCEN Mandate to Explicitly Cover Crypto

| Muyao Shen

A new bill facing the U.S. Congress would have FinCEN more closely examine the cryptocurrency space, according to public documents.

FinCEN: Money Transmitter Rules Apply to ICOs

| Nikhilesh De

According to a letter released today, FinCEN believes that companies launching token sales qualify as money transmitters, and must register as such.

Treasury Official: Department Working With IRS to Police Crypto Exchanges

| Nikhilesh De

U.S. Treasury Department Deputy Sigal Mandelker explained how the department would regulate cryptocurrency exchanges in testimony before the Senate.

Pipe Dreams: Bitcoin Won’t Solve Pot Industry’s Banking Problem

| Charles Alovisetti

Cryptocurrency use could give U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions an excuse to crack down on state-legal pot firms, an industry lawyer warns.

Justice statue

LocalBitcoins User Pleads Guilty After Undercover Sting

| Stan Higgins

A Local Bitcoins seller based in Missouri has plead guilty to running an unlicensed money transmission business.

senate, 2013

Bitcoin’s DC Debut: All Eyes Watch the US Government’s Response

| Jerry Brito

Bitcoin regulatory expert Jerry Brito recounts the tech's early days in Washington, DC, and the work that went into its successful regulatory debut.

US Treasure Seal

New York Police Win FinCEN Award for Bitcoin Investigation

| Michael del Castillo

The New York Police Department winning an award from the Financial Crimes Enforcement network after tracing a series of bitcoin transactions.


FinCEN Developed Bitcoin Training for IRS Tax Examiners

| Stan Higgins

FinCEN has been working with the IRS to train its examiners on relevant aspects of bitcoin technology.