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FinCEN Director Reminds Casinos of Crypto Compliance Requirements

| Daniel Kuhn

FinCEN director Kenneth Blanco said that suspicious activity reports detailing crypto fraud is a matter of national security.

Prosecutors File Formal Complaint Against Infamous BTC-e Crypto Exchange

| Daniel Kuhn

Prosecutors have filed a complaint against the infamous crypto exchange BTC-e calling a haven for crime.

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US Lawmakers Question Terrorist Use of Facebook Cryptocurrency

| Nikhilesh De

U.S. lawmakers questioned FinCEN director Kenneth Blanco about potential terrorist use of Facebook's libra cryptocurrency.

FinCEN Says Some Dapps Are Subject to US Money Transmitter Rules

| Nikhilesh De

Decentralized applications (dapps) may sometimes qualify as money transmitters under U.S. law, FinCEN said.

In First, FinCEN Penalizes Bitcoin Trader for Violating AML Laws

| Yogita Khatri

U.S. regulator FinCEN has for the first time penalized a cryptocurrency trader for breaking anti-money laundering rules.

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FinCEN Blasts Iran’s ‘Malign’ Use of Crypto to Bypass Economic Sanctions

| Wolfie Zhao

U.S. regulator FinCEN is urging domestic exchanges to prevent Iran from using cryptocurrency to bypass economic sanctions.

FinCEN Says It Now Receives 1,500 Crypto Complaints a Month

| Muyao Shen

FinCEN receives more than 1,500 reports every month from financial institutions regarding cryptocurrencies, a top official said Thursday.

US Lawmakers Want FinCEN Mandate to Explicitly Cover Crypto

| Muyao Shen

A new bill facing the U.S. Congress would have FinCEN more closely examine the cryptocurrency space, according to public documents.

FinCEN: Money Transmitter Rules Apply to ICOs

| Nikhilesh De

According to a letter released today, FinCEN believes that companies launching token sales qualify as money transmitters, and must register as such.

Treasury Official: Department Working With IRS to Police Crypto Exchanges

| Nikhilesh De

U.S. Treasury Department Deputy Sigal Mandelker explained how the department would regulate cryptocurrency exchanges in testimony before the Senate.