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A New Bitcoin Exchange On the Colombian-Venezuelan Border Will Help Refugees

| Diana Aguilar

Refugees can use a new POS to purchase goods, food, and services when they leave Venezuela.

Bitfinex’s Parent Company Has a New Offshore Services Provider

| David Floyd

iFinex, the parent company of Bitfinex, has parted ways with its old offshore services provider for a new firm.

rat, sculpture

There’s A Giant Bitcoin Rat on Wall Street And It’s Staring Down the Fed

| Alyssa Hertig

A public art installation in New York is turning heads in what its creator hopes will be a commentary on bitcoin and government money management.

US Congressman Calls for Ban on Crypto Buying and Mining

| Christine Kim

A U.S. congressman called for banning all U.S. residents from buying or mining cryptocurrencies during a hearing Wednesday.

The CFA Exam Is Getting a Crypto Section Next Year

| Christine Kim

The Chartered Financial Analyst Program Exams are about to add topics on cryptocurrencies as examinable material for candidates in August 2019.

Lawmakers to Discuss If Crypto Is ‘The Future of Money’ Next Week

| Christine Kim

The U.S. House Financial Services Committee will host a crypto hearing focused on its use as a form of money next week.

Major Banks, Regulators Trial ‘Know Your Customer’ App on R3’s Corda

| Muyao Shen

Around 40 participants have trialed a "self-sovereign" know-your-customer application that gives customers more control over their data.

Spain’s Securities Market Watchdog Completes Blockchain Test

| Muyao Shen

A pilot test was successfully conducted for a Spanish-backed blockchain project to increase the efficiency of registering issuances.

Blockchain Startup Chain Launches Balance Management Cloud Service

| Sujha Sundararajan

Blockchain startup Chain is launching a new cloud-based Software as a Service product for managing balances in financial and commerce applications.

Economic Forum Highlights China’s Rise in Blockchain R&D

| Wolfie Zhao

Blockchain tech will likely boost financial inclusion, but a major impact is still a way off, according to panelists at a recent event in China.