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France’s Financial Watchdog Proposes ‘Voluntary’ Regulatory Framework for Crypto Firms

| Daniel Kuhn

In exchange for regulatory approval, crypto firms can opt to abide by capital, tax, and consumer protection requirements.

German Finance Minister: Facebook Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Compete With the Euro

| Daniel Kuhn

“The issuance of a currency does not belong in the hands of a private company," according to Germany's finance minister.

Former Thai Finance Minister Calls for Crypto Regulation

| Wolfie Zhao

A former Thai official is calling for brining proper regulation on all cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings in the country.

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Japan’s Finance Watchdog Eyeing ICO Regulation, Says Report

| Wolfie Zhao

Japan's financial regulator is reportedly mulling the creation of a regulatory framework for firms raising funds through initial coin offerings.

Indian Finance Ministry: Cryptocurrencies Are ‘Like Ponzi Schemes’

| Wolfie Zhao

The India government doubled down its skepticism over cryptocurrencies, calling them like "Ponzi Schemes."

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Lawsky: ICO Fever Could Bring Cryptocurrency Backlash

| Marc Hochstein

Benjamin Lawsky, the former regulator behind New York's BitLicense, warned that recent ICO excesses could bring a hammer down on the entire industry.


CFTC Chair Giancarlo: Embracing Blockchain Is in the ‘National Interest’

| Aaron Stanley

J. Christopher Giancarlo, CFTC chair, has called on government agencies to embrace blockchain, saying it's in the national interest to do so.

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US Treasury May Consider Bitcoin Industry Concerns Over Banking Access

| Tanaya Macheel

The Chamber of Digital Commerce will present data to the US Treasury on banking problems faced by digital currency startups at a meeting next week.

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Mercator Report Finds Conflicting Bitcoin Regulation Harmful to Industry

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Mercator Advisory Group has published a research note on global bitcoin regulation, its first on the subject.

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Academics Call for Revisions to New York’s BitLicense Proposal

| Tom Sharkey

Two research fellows from George Mason University have suggested changes be made to the current BitLicense proposal.