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The Consensus 2019 Videos Are Live

| John Biggs

Watch nearly every Consensus 2019 talk on CoinDesk right now.

song, jimmy

Decentralized or Nothing: Song Duels IBM Over Blockchain Hype at SXSW

| Brady Dale

An event at SXSW pitted Blockchain Capital's Jimmy Song against IBM's Chris Ferris in a debate over permissioned vs. permissionless blockchains.

Don’t Count on Decentralization to Rule Crypto Out as Security: VanEck Exec

| Wolfie Zhao

VanEck's Gabor Gurbacs has questioned whether being "sufficiently decentralized" means a crypto is not a security, as suggested by SEC execs.

NFTs Are Here. But Where Are They Headed?

| Michael J Casey

The best business model for crypto collectibles is currently unclear, but some compelling ideas arose at a New York event last week.

SWIFT Chief Announces Trial DLT Integration With R3

| Ian Allison

Global banking payments network SWIFT says it plans a trial integration with DLT provider R3.

SF Summit Shows BitTorrent Is Boosting Tron’s Appeal

| Brady Dale

At Tron's niTROn Summit, CEO Justin Sun sketched out his vision for how BitTorrent's massive user base can leapfrog the crypto adoption problem.

Swell 2018 digital asset adoption panel

Ripple Grapples With Its $21 Billion ‘Gorilla’: Crypto Asset Adoption

| David Floyd

Ripple's "800-pound gorilla" in the room is whether financial institutions will actually use cryptocurrencies in cross-border payments.

With Rambling Clinton Keynote, Ripple Is Sending a Clear Message

| David Floyd

It wasn't about what Clinton had to say. It was about putting Clinton on the stage.

R3’s CordaCon Event Sees Big News, Packed Talks and Blockchain Converts

| Ian Allison

R3's annual Corda event appeared to be in rude health this year, with packed presentations and some notable news announcements.

Chinese Blockchain Event Draws Backlash Over Chairman Mao Stunt

| Wolfie Zhao

Chinese crypto media firms are boycotting a blockchain event after the organizer used a Chairman Mao impersonator to fire up the audience.