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Is It Time for a Blockchain Brexit?

| Pindar Wong

The U.K. is on the brink of a previously unthinkable 'hard Brexit' from the European Union. A solution could be found in the capabilities of…

7 Southern EU Nations Unite to Take Lead on Blockchain Adoption

| Yogita Khatri

Seven EU member nations have come together to promote the use of blockchain tech to boost government services and economic well-being.

Think Tank Report Argues for Standardized Crypto Rules Within EU

| Nikhilesh De

A Brussels-based think tank believes the EU should enforce standardized regulations on cryptocurrencies for each member nation.

As No-Deal Brexit Looms, UK Blockchain Startups Are Weighing Options

| Madeline Meng Shi

The U.K. is on the cusp of leaving the E.U., sparking concern for blockchain startups working within a government-run regulatory sandbox.

EU Agencies to Offer €100K Prize at Blockchain Hackathon

| Annaliese Milano

The EU Commission and the EU Intellectual Property Office will host a hackathon to explore blockchain use cases for intellectual property protection.

Don’t Forget the ‘Other’ Cryptocurrency Tax

| David Deputy and George Salis

If cryptocurrency gains acceptance as a means of exchange, it’s sure to raise the ire of governments hungry for revenue from sales taxes.

European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel

EU Can’t Ban Bitcoin Mining Over Energy Concerns, Official Says

| Leigh Cuen

Cryptocurrency mining is perfectly legal in Europe and only subject to standard electricity rules, according to an EU commissioner.

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Dutch Finance Minister Calls for ICO Regulations

| Leigh Cuen

The finance minister of the Netherlands has called for new regulations around cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings.

Cryptocurrency Tops EU Watchdog’s 2018 Agenda

| Wolfie Zhao

The Europe Union's top securities watchdog has said that cryptocurrencies will be one of its top priorities in 2018.

EU Launches Blockchain Observatory With Ethereum Startup

| Annaliese Milano

The European Union initiative launched Thursday will fund up to $425 million in blockchain projects and draw on ConsenSys' expertise and connections.