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Sandboxes Aren’t Enough: Blockchain Leaders Seek Regulation Relief

| Anna Baydakova

Even in blockchain-friendly jurisdictions, some say regulatory hurdles and old mindsets are holding back innovation and growth for the industry.

EU Report Says Cryptocurrencies ‘Unlikely’ to Challenge Central Banks

| Madeline Meng Shi

Cryptocurrencies are "unlikely" to shake up the dominance of central banks and sovereign currencies, the EU's newest report says.

EU Parliament Touts Blockchain to ‘Empower’ Businesses and Citizens

| Nikhilesh De and Sujha Sundararajan

A committee of the European Parliament believes that small businesses could benefit from integrating blockchain technology.

Blockchain Has Potential in Curbing Odometer Fraud: EU Report

| Sujha Sundararajan

The European Parliament has released a research paper that touts blockchain in the prevention of odometer fraud or "clocking."

EU Draft Law Outlines Parliament Plan to Monitor Bitcoin Users

| Stan Higgins

EU Parliament members have published new draft legislation outlining their plans to regulate digital currencies.

EU Parliament Report Explores Blockchain’s ‘Substantial Impact’

| Stan Higgins

The EU Parliament’s in-house research office has published a new wide-ranging report on blockchain tech.

EU Legislators Advance Plan to Fund Blockchain Research

| Stan Higgins

The European Union is moving closer to establishing a dedicated task force focused on digital currencies.

EU Parliament Rep Seeks €1 Million for Blockchain Research

| Stan Higgins

A member of the European Parliament is proposing $1.1m be spent on a task force focused on studying digital currencies and blockchain.

EU Parliament Approves Proposal for Digital Currency Task Force

| Stan Higgins

The European Parliament has voted to recommend that the bloc’s government create a task force dedicated to digital currencies and blockchain.