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Ethereum Leaders Are Slowly Courting Persian Gulf Royals and Investors

| Leigh Cuen

The Ethereum Foundation and ConsenSys are both working to bring blockchain technology to the Middle East.

$19 Million: Ethereum Foundation to Fund Work on 2.0 Upgrade, Plasma and More

| Christine Kim

The Ethereum Foundation issued a blog post today outlining how an estimated $30 million would be spent to further develop the ethereum ecosystem.

At Blockchain Week, Maturity Is the Motto as Ethereum Organizations Push Toward 2.0 Upgrade

| Leigh Cuen

Improved relations between the Ethereum Foundation and ConsenSys point to a governance shift that could have major implications for the network'sā€¦

Ethereum Foundation to Spend $30 Million on Development Over Next Year

| Christine Kim

The Ethereum Foundation's executive director, Aya Miyaguchi, announced how much the non-profit aims to spend on critical projects.

Vitalik Buterin, Joe Lubin Back $700K Donation to Ethereum Project MolochDAO

| Christine Kim

An ethereum funding initiative from the CEO of SpankChain is getting a major boost from two of the blockchain's biggest names.

Ethereum Foundation Director Sets New Vision for Blockchain Non-Profit

| Christine Kim

The Ethereum Foundation may shift its role toward propelling ā€“ as opposed to creating ā€“ a larger, more decentralized ethereum ecosystem.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos Warns Against Ethereum In-Fighting

| Christine Kim

In an address to the ethereum community, the blockchain expert warns against fragmentation and in-fighting as a result of market pressures.

ETC Cooperative Adds Developer Bob Summerwill as Executive Director

| Christine Kim

The former lead architect for ethereum venture studio Consensys, is joining the Ethereum Classic Cooperative as executive director.

Ethereum Foundation Grants $5 Million to Parity Technologies

| Yogita Khatri

The Ethereum Foundation has awarded a grant of $5 million to Parity Technologies to support its work on ethereum 2.0.

A 7-Year Legal Fight Led This Dev to Build Unstoppable Ethereum Storage

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Developer Daniel Nagy's legal battle over a file-sharing node led him to develop ethereum's storage layer, Swarm.