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IBM, Tata Become First Big Techs to Back Hedera Blockchain

| Nathan DiCamillo

IBM and Indian telecom Tata Communications have joined the governance council of Hedera Hashgraph, a blockchain alternative for enterprises.

EY Open-Sources ‘Nightfall’ Code for Private Transactions on Ethereum

| Christine Kim

One of the world's largest consultancy firms has released a new set of protocols for enabling private transactions atop the ethereum blockchain.

Samsung’s ‘Digital Transformation Framework’ Includes Blockchain Tech

| John Biggs

Samsung SDS is adding blockchain tech to its enterprise IT offerings.

Blythe Masters

Blythe Masters, CEO of Blockchain Startup Digital Asset, Is Stepping Down

| Nikhilesh De

Digital Assets Holdings CEO Blythe Masters has stepped down from her role, but will remain on as a shareholder, strategic advisor and board member.

Amazon Plays Its Own Game With Enterprise Blockchain

| Anna Baydakova

Amazon Web Services, the e-commerce giant’s cloud computing arm, is having its proverbial blockchain cake and eating it, too.

silence, business

The Trick to Selling Blockchain Solutions? Don’t Say ‘Blockchain’

| Ian Allison

Once a sure way to get a meeting, startups building blockchain solutions are focusing more on the benefits of their products than the tech itself.

Hyperledger Tech Heats Up Ahead of Software Debuts

| Michael del Castillo

2018 is shaping up to be a watershed year for enterprise-grade blockchain, with the upcoming launch of four Hyperledger solutions into version 1.0.

Public Blockchains’ Lure Will Become Irresistible for Enterprises in 2018

| Paul Brody

Decentralized public blockchains are the only way enterprises will commit to digitizing services in an interoperable manner, says EY's Paul Brody.

Bitcoin or Blockchain? Bet That Both Will Thrive in 2018

| Caitlin Long

Competing technologies? Not so much argues Symbiont executive Caitlin Long who believes the best of both bitcoin and blockchain will prevail in 2018.

Swiss Telecom Giant Launches New Blockchain Business

| Stan Higgins

A major state-owned telecommunications provider in Switzerland has created a new blockchain business.