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Domain Registrar EnCirca Starts Registrations for Ethereum Addresses

| Daniel Kuhn

Like a traditional DNS, the ethereum naming service will allow .eth names to propagate on the internet.

XYZ: Ethereum Is Getting Another Popular Domain Name

| Nikhilesh De

The Ethereum Name Service has added support for .xyz domains, meaning users can now claim the URL for their wallets or other products on ethereum.

Ethereum Is Getting Its First Top-Level Domain Name

| Annaliese Milano

A new partnership will allow ethereum users to register their addresses to a top-level domain name.

auction, money

$600k for an Ethereum Name? A Thriving Auction Market Is Underway

| Amy Castor

An ethereum project aimed at decentralizing the domain space is winning enthusiasm – and investment dollars – from crypto investors.

decryption, enigma

Are Blockchains Key to the Future of Web Encryption?

| Joshua Oliver

A deep dive into problems in the internet identity space and where blockchains could play a role.

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All Systems Go? Ethereum Domain Effort Prepares for Launch (Again)

| Amy Castor

After a failed initial launch, an effort to create a decentralized domain register on top of the ethereum blockchain is ready for round two.

Take Two: Ethereum Domain Registrar Relaunches on Testnet

| Stan Higgins

An ethereum-based decentralized domain registrar is again moving towards launch following a holdup caused by critical bugs last month.