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Polychain, Bitmain Back $10.7 Million SAFT for Encryption Startup NuCypher

| Brady Dale

NuCypher has raised $10.7 million in a SAFT with Polychain, Bitmain and others. It's also launched the testnet for its suite of encryption services.

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Data Privacy Startup StrongSalt Raises $3 Million for Encrypted API Service

| William Foxley

StrongSalt aims to bring standardized encryption techniques to the blockchain and will showcase its API product later this year.

Stellar Investment Could Make Crypto as Easy as Chat

| Brady Dale

Stellar makes a bet that Keybase can port easy end-to-end encryption over to person-to-person payments in cryptocurrency.

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Quantum Computers Could Jack Your Crypto Private Key in 10 Years, Researchers Say

| Brady Dale

Bitcoin wallets might be in trouble if quantum computers advance as quickly as some researchers have projected.

Chain and Thales Interlock for Blockchain Key Security Solution

| Garrett Keirns

French cyber-defense and aerospace firm Thales has launched a new integration with blockchain startup Chain aimed to boost blockchain security.

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2016: The Year Zcash Entered Blockchain’s History Books

| Nolan Bauerle

Researcher Nolan Bauerle looks at Zcash, its privacy-powered blockchain technology and how he believes it could empower economics in the future.

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Would an Encryption Ban Kill the UK’s Bitcoin Businesses?

| Jon Southurst

What impact, if any, would a UK encryption ban have on bitcoin businesses? A few company representatives have spoken out about the government's plans.

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Bitcoin Ransomware Now Spreading via Spam Campaigns

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Security firms McAfee and Symantec have issued warnings on CTB-Locker – bitcoin-demanding ransomware that is now being propagated via spam.

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A Bitcoin-Powered Marketplace Could Change the Future of Secrets

| Luis Buenaventura

A decentralized platform for buying and selling secrets is sparking whispers in the industry about the future of transparency.


Popular Encryption Tool TrueCrypt Mysteriously Shuts Down

| Joon Ian Wong

A popular open-source encryption program often used to secure desktop bitcoin wallets may have been compromised.