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Congressional Challenger to House Speaker Pelosi Is Fundraising in Crypto

| William Foxley

Democratic blockchain and crypto enthusiast Agatha Bacelar is challenging House Speaker Pelosi on a tech-focused platform.

Andrew Yang Super PAC Will Accept Lightning-Powered Bitcoin Donations

| Leigh Cuen

Supporters of presidential candidate Andrew Yang can now send bitcoin donations to a new super PAC via the Lightning Network.

Overstock’s Medici Ventures Leads $7 Million Round for Blockchain Voting Startup

| Daniel Palmer

Blockchain-based mobile voting platform Voatz has raised $7 million in a Series A round led by Overstock's Medici Ventures and Techstars.

Thai Government Agency Develops Blockchain Tech for Elections Voting

| Yogita Khatri

A Thailand government agency has developed a blockchain-based solution that's set to digitalize elections voting in the country.

South Korea Eyes More Reliable E-Voting With December Blockchain Trial

| Yogita Khatri

South Korea's National Election Commission says it is building a blockchain-based voting platform to be trialed in December.

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US Elections Push Augur’s Total Ether Bets Over $2 Million

| David Floyd

Betting on elections to the U.S. House has brought over $700,000 onto the platform, pushing the midterms market into the top spot.

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No, Bitcoin Isn’t Secretly Messing with the Mid-Term Elections

| Brian Forde

Take it from someone who's actually received crypto campaign donations.

California Is Open to Allowing Crypto Political Donations

| Nikhilesh De

Candidates for public office in California may soon be able to accept cryptocurrencies as donations, though the practice has not yet been codified.

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Democracy of Two: NEO and the Crypto ‘Election’ That Wasn’t

| Annaliese Milano

Early results from elections on the neo blockchain suggest the world's 12th largest cryptocurrency may be struggling to deliver on promised claims.

A US Election Probe Implicated Bitcoin – And the Reaction Was Swift

| Stan Higgins and Anna Baydakova

The revelation bitcoin may have played a role in one of the biggest U.S. elections scandals has crypto supporters and mainstream pundits talking.