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Snowden: ‘The Most Important Thing Bitcoin Is Missing Right Now Is Privacy’

| Diana Aguilar

Snowden used bitcoin to buy encrypted services to talk with journalists in 2013.

Edward Snowden: Public Ledger Is Bitcoin’s Big Flaw

| Wolfie Zhao

At a recent event in Berlin, Edward Snowden for the first time talked at length about the problems and benefits of blockchain technology.

Edward Snowden: Zcash Is ‘Most Interesting Bitcoin Alternative’

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Noted whistleblower Edward Snowden has said that the privacy oriented cryptocurrency zcash is the "most interesting alternative" to bitcoin.

Private and secure file storage service SpiderOak to accept bitcoin

| Danny Bradbury

SpiderOak, the private storage company that can't unencrypt your data even if it wanted to, will start taking bitcoin.

Free speech panel

Bitcoin is crucial for the future of free speech, say experts

| Danny Bradbury

Bitcoin will be a valuable tool in fighting for freedom of speech on controversial websites, say experts.


Why Edward Snowden should be using bitcoins

| Daniel Cawrey

No bank accounts? No credit cards? Snowden could use bitcoin in order to survive.

Bitcoiners donate to WikiLeaks to support Edward Snowden

| Emily Spaven

Bitcoin donations to WikiLeaks increased 1,894% yesterday after Julian Assange pledged his support to whistle-blower Edward Snowden.