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Two Libertarians, Two Views on Bitcoin’s Ability to Disrupt Fiat Money

| Alyssa Hertig

“Half of the audience here is like, ‘I hope you die in a fire.’”

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Bitcoin Can’t Fix Venezuela: I Should Know

| Diana Aguilar

Diana Aguilar used bitcoin to survive in Venezuela, but cryptocurrency can’t fix the troubled nation's economy, she argues.

A Psychic Visit with Nouriel Roubini: The Mother and Father of All Crypto Skeptics

| Pete Rizzo

CoinDesk profiles Nouriel Roubini, the NYU professor who won't buy the crypto hype – no matter what the price or the market says.

Iranian Official Says Blockchain Could Deliver Economic Boost

| Daniel Palmer

An Iranian official has reportedly said that integrating blockchain could bring a tech-based boost to the country's economy.

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Bitcoin’s True Stress Test Is Yet to Come

| Michael J Casey

What happens if there's another 2008-scale financial market crisis? Will diehard HODLers still resist liquidating their bitcoin assets?

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The Double-Spend (What Bitcoin’s White Paper Solved Forever)

| Bill Barhydt

Bitcoin's white paper solving the double-spend problem in the digital world makes near real-time commerce possible across the entire planet.

IMF Advises Against Crypto as Legal Tender in Marshall Islands Report

| Wolfie Zhao

The IMF says the Republic of the Marshall Islands should reconsider introducing a cryptocurrency as a second legal tender over perceived risks.

Crypto Research Firm Adds Nobel Prize Winners as Advisors

| Daniel Palmer

Blockchain research firm and accelerator Cryptic Labs has just taken on two Nobel-winning economists as advisers.

What Would Happen to Crypto in a Global Market Meltdown?

| Michael J Casey

CoinDesk advisory board director Michael Casey takes a look at the state of investor psychology as it relates to the crypto markets today.

Lightning Network May Not Solve Bitcoin’s Scaling ‘Trilemma’

| Frances Coppola

It isn’t possible to have decentralization, a fixed money supply and sufficient liquidity for an efficient payments system, says Frances Coppola.