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Construct 2017: Experts Ask ‘How Long Until Private Ledgers Go Live?

| Alyssa Hertig

Private blockchains are on the cusp of leaving the laboratory and heading to the real world. At least, that’s according to bold predictions…

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Deutsche Bank’s 5 Lessons Learned From DLT in 2016

| David Watson & Edward Budd

Deutsche Bank experts discuss what they've learned while exploring blockchain over the last year, as well as their outlook for 2017 and beyond.


Intel is Winning Over Blockchain Critics By Reimagining Bitcoin’s DNA

| Alyssa Hertig

A look at Intel's project inspired by bitcoin's proof-of-work.

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Bitfury Paper Makes Case For Auditability As Blockchain’s Defining Feature

| Pete Rizzo

What makes a blockchain a blockchain?

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Blockchain Healthcare Conference Showcases Skepticism and Promise

| Bailey Reutzel

Blockchain's pie-in-the-sky optimism got some pushback during the Distributed: Health conference this week.

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The Emergence of Blockchains as Activity Registers

| Antony Lewis

In this opinion piece, Antony Lewis argues that the term 'distributed ledger' needs clarifying due to the new emerging use cases for the technology.

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SWIFT Attracts Jeers and Praise for Distributed Ledger Embrace

| Pete Rizzo

Blockchain industry leaders weigh in on the latest news that payments service SWIFT is building a distributed ledger platform.

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Can Trust-Based Private Blockchains Be Trusted?

| Robert Wolinsky

Researcher Bob Wolinsky looks at the challenges facing permissioned blockchains, arguing they are unable to provide immutable records.

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BNY Exec: Lack of Industry Standards Hurting Blockchain Tech

| Stan Higgins

BNY Mellon's Saket Sharma discusses why he believes the pursuit of industry standards is key to broader blockchain tech adoption.

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Bank of England to Explore Distributed Ledger Tech for Settlement

| Pete Rizzo

The Bank of England has said it will consider the impact of distributed ledgers as part of a plan to modernize the country’s settlement system.