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Why ICOs Could Eat Delaware’s Lunch

| David M Adlerstein and Andrea Tinianow

Delaware's status as a go-to jurisdiction for business can't be taken for granted as tokens take off and issuers flock to blockchain-friendly states.


Delaware State’s Blockchain Lead is Leaving for New Pursuits

| Wolfie Zhao

The founding director of the government-backed Delaware Blockchain Initiative has departed for a consultancy based in the state.

Medical Society of Delaware Tests Blockchain to Improve Healthcare Access

| Wolfie Zhao

A medical society in Delaware dating back to the 1700s hopes to bring efficiencies to healthcare using blockchain tech.

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Overstock’s TØ Has Already Built a Platform for Trading Regulated ICOs

| Michael del Castillo

A new wave of blockchain-based securities could help propel forward the blockchain strategy of one of the largest US retailers.

Delaware Governor Signs Blockchain Bill Into Law

| Pete Rizzo

A bill that makes it legal to use a blockchain to register corporate shares has become law in Delaware.

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Symbiont Demos Blockchain Share Issuance for DC Lawmakers

| Aaron Stanley

Distributed ledger startup Symbiont gave a demo of how blockchain could be used to rethink share trading at a congressional event this week.

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Equity Markets on a Blockchain: Delaware’s Potential Impact

| Noelle Acheson

Last week, Delaware passed legislation that will give corporations the right to issue and trade shares on a blockchain. This is why it's a big deal.

Delaware House Passes Historic Blockchain Regulation

| Michael del Castillo

Historic legislation has been passed by the state of Delaware, that would make explicit the right of corporations to trade stocks on a blockchain.

Delaware Blockchain Stock Bill Likely to Advance in House Vote Today

| Michael del Castillo

The US state of Delaware is today expected to vote on a bill that would recognize stock recorded on a blockchain.

Delaware Blockchain Stock Bill Advances Ahead of Major Deadline

| Stan Higgins

Delaware has moved a step closer toward enshrining recognition of blockchain-based stocks in state law.