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Binance Releases Demo of Planned Decentralized Crypto Exchange

| Yogita Khatri

Binance has released a second video demo of its advancing decentralized crypto exchange, Binance DEX.

Clayton, SEC

Expect the SEC to Target More Token Exchanges After EtherDelta

| Leigh Cuen and Nikhilesh De

The SEC's settlement with the founder of EtherDelta is likely the first of many enforcement actions to come against crypto token exchanges.

A Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange That’s Almost Decentralized

| Leigh Cuen

Bisq is launching a bitcoin-based token to pay code contributors and a DAO to manage payouts, all in service of further decentralizing the exchange.

loom, weave

The Crypto Protocol Trying to Unite Every Exchange Order Book

| Brady Dale

Imagine the liquidity of every crypto exchange, but in one giant pool. That's what Paradigm aims to build, and investors are on board.

‘Tedious But Necessary’: Why This Decentralized Exchange Wants a License

| Leigh Cuen

As competition heats up among decentralized exchange startups for institutional crypto investors' business, Everbloom is seeking an edge.

AirSwap Decentralized Exchange Upgrades for Any-Size Ethereum Trades

| Leigh Cuen

The decentralized exchange is adding messaging and ID verification features to address the worries that have kept institutional investors at bay.

Binance Offers First Look At Planned Decentralized Crypto Exchange

| Christine Kim

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance unveiled the platform's first look at its upcoming decentralized exchange (DEX) on Thursday.

Radar Relay Raises $10 Million for Decentralized Token Exchange

| Nikhilesh De

Decentralized trading platform Radar Relay closed a $10 million Series A funding round led by Blockchain Capital, the startup announced Wednesday.

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Waves’ Decentralized Exchange Had a $6 Million Debut. Then It Got Hacked

| Leigh Cuen

This booming crypto platform could hardly be described as institutional, but it isn't fully decentralized either.

Decentralized Exchanges Aren’t Living Up to Their Name – And Data Proves It

| Leigh Cuen

"DEX" is a hot buzzword in crypto trading, but the current models actually offer a spectrum of technologies with varying degrees of centralization.