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New Interest in DAOs Prompts Old Question: Are They Legal?

| Christine Kim

New tools have made DAOs all the rage in the ethereum community. Now one startup is trying to make them work within U.S. legal frameworks.

In Berlin, A ‘DAO Renaissance’ Begins

| Christine Kim

New tools and the rise of DeFi have made decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, newly attractive to ethereum's top developers.

Steemit to Automate Development Funding With New DAO

| Daniel Palmer

The blockchain project that focuses on monetizing social media sites is launching a DAO in its coming hard fork upgrade.

Former Polychain Partner Ryan Zurrer Is Leaving Web3 to Start a DAO

| Brady Dale

Ryan Zurrer, a former partner at Polychain, has announced his next act. A new version of one of ethereum's biggest failures.

Among Blockchain-Friendly Jurisdictions, Malta Stands Out

| Marlene Ronstedt and Andre Eggert

Malta is writing laws for tomorrow's economy rather than trying to impose yesterday's rules upon it. Consider the way it is legally recognizing DAOs.

Huobi to Offer $166 Million Prize for Own Blockchain Creation

| Wolfie Zhao

Huobi wants to create its own blockchain and decentralized organization – and is offering $166 million in tokens for help on their development.

Universities to Build Blockchain DAO for Affordable Education

| Wolfie Zhao

A group of top-tier Chinese universities plans to build a distributed organization to make educational resources more accessible and affordable.

Vitalik Has a New Idea for ICOs – And It’s Being Tested

| Brady Dale

A month after ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin proposed a new twist on the ICO funding model, a Russian video game firm is putting it into practice.

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2018 and Beyond: Tokens Are Slowly Eating the Firm

| Tekin Salimi

Think DAOs and tokens are just a joke? This lawyer believes they may be coming to bring an open-source ethos to your business model.


Primavera de Filippi on Blockchain and the Quest to Decentralize Society

| Alyssa Hertig

The Harvard researcher talks blockchain governance and her novel alternative to proof-of-work.