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FBI: Malware Victims Should Pay Bitcoin Ransoms

| Grace Caffyn

Victims of malware, such as bitcoin ransomware Cryptolocker, should pay off the perpetrators, an FBI agent has advised.

98.6% of TorrentLocker Victims Refuse to Pay Bitcoin Ransom

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

A new report into the effects of TorrentLocker malware has found that 98.55% of victims do not pay the bitcoin ransom.

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Cryptowall Ransomware Nets $500 Bitcoin Payout From US Sheriff’s Office

| Stan Higgins

A sheriff's office in Tennessee paid a $500 bitcoin ransom this week to secure thousands of sensitive files.

CryptoLocker Crimewave Halted as Global Authorities Disable Network

| Pete Rizzo

International authorities have disabled GOZeuS, the P2P network behind the CryptoLocker malware.


From China to Cyberspace: Bitcoin’s Year in Review

| John Law

It's a legal requirement for journalists to write an end-of-year roundup, and John Law is nothing if not law-abiding.

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Tens of Millions in the UK May Be Targeted by CryptoLocker Bitcoin Ransomware

| Danny Bradbury

The UK’s crime agency alerted people today after bitcoin ransomware scourge Cryptolocker swept the country.

CryptoLocker malware demands bitcoin ransom

| Emily Spaven

Cybercriminals are infecting people's computers with malware then demanding a bitcoin ransom for the decryption key.