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Decentralized Apps: Key Questions from a Bank Innovation Director

| Alex Batlin

UBS's Alex Batlin discusses the future of decentralized applications and how they can resist centralizing forces.

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Wanxiang Blockchain Labs Launches $300k Annual Grant Program

| Pete Rizzo

A $50m venture fund backed by Chinese conglomerate Wanxiang has announced a new blockchain-focused grant program.


Chinese Auto Giant Wanxiang Plans $50 Million Blockchain Fund

| Pete Rizzo

Chinese conglomerate Wanxiang Group has announced it intends to invest $50m in blockchain technology to improve its product lines.

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Colu Launches Beta Version of Digital Asset Platform

| Yessi Bello Perez

Israel-based colored coins startup Colu has launched the beta version of its developer platform. Based on bitcoin’s blockchain technology,…

Ethereum Launches Long-Awaited Decentralized App Network

| Grace Caffyn

Long one of the most ambitious projects in the industry, decentralized application platform Ethereum is set to open to the public tonight.


Blockchain Project Factom Raises $1.1 Million in Crowdsale

| Pete Rizzo

Factom has closed $1.1m in new funding following the debut of a release client and before an expected beta client rollout.

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How Bitcoin’s Technology Could Reshape Our Medical Experiences

| Matt Weiss

Matt Weiss, Dan Elitzer and Joe Gerber examine how the technology behind bitcoin could assist with emergency and long-term medical treatment.

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New Colored Coins Implementation Released After Standard Drive Abandoned

| Pete Rizzo

A recent attempt to standardize the development of the oldest bitcoin protocol for asset transfer has resulted in a new implementation.

How Bitcoin’s Technology Could Make Supply Chains More Transparent

| Reid Williams

Reid Williams and Joe Gerber examine how the technology behind bitcoin could make supply chains much more transparent.

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How Blockchain Tech is Inspiring the Art World

| Yessi Bello Perez

As the broad strokes of distributed ledger technologies gain traction, the art world is starting to pay attention.