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Crypto Miners’ Electricity Shouldn’t Be Subsidized: Iranian Energy Minister

| Benedict Alibasa

Low electricity costs make Iran a popular mining destination. That could change.

Why Academics Love Bitcoin – and Crypto

| Bailey Reutzel and Evan Engel

For academics, bitcoin, and more broadly crypto, is an exciting space where the ideas they write up in papers actually get built and tested.

Venezuela Tries to Avoid US Sanctions By Trading In Rubles and Crypto

| John Biggs

Caracas and Russia are in talks to disconnect from USD and exchange rubles and crypto.

Children of the Crypto Revolution – Join Us!

| Evan Engel

Crypto is the new counterculture, and you, yes you are invited. You gotta start believing!

Spoiler Alert: Kurt Russell’s ‘Crypto’ Movie Isn’t Crypto, It’s Just Really Bad

| Bailey Reutzel

CoinDesk goes to the movies to review "Crypto," a new film that claims to be about cryptocurrency – but doesn't follow through.

Bitcoin Price Jumps to 4-Month High Above $4,900

| Sebastian Sinclair

The price of bitcoin surged 7 percent within 30 minutes on Tuesday to reach over $4,900 – its highest point for 4 months.

CoinMarketCap Crypto Assets Now Feature Flipside Letter Grades

| Leigh Cuen

Flipside Crypto aims to make its Fundamental Crypto Asset Score as widespread as price-to-earnings ratios for stocks.

Enjin Coin Soars 70% After Crypto Project Says It’s a Samsung Partner

| Sebastian Sinclair

Enjincoin (ENJ) is up 78 percent after the crypto gaming project said it has an official partnership with Samsung for its new S10 phone.

Crypto Winter Thaws As February Proves Month of Market Gains

| Sam Ouimet and Sebastian Sinclair

Bitcoin may have ended a six-month losing streak in February, but MKR, THETA, ENJ and MET ensure it wasn't the crypto market's biggest winner.

The Biggest Problem for ICOs? In 2018, It Was Their Own Investors

| Simon Seojoon Kim

Hashed CEO Simon Seojoon Kim looks at the inherent limitations of ICOs, in particular the belief that "anyone can invest in an initial project."