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2016: The Year Blockchain ICOs Disrupted Venture Capital

| Sid Kalla and Matt Chwierut

Experts from Smith + Crown recap the year in ICOs – a new form of fundraising that is gaining popularity in the blockchain industry.

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Blockchain Breakout? 2017 Will Keep Investors on the Brink

| Michael Terpin

The blockchain industry is likely to see growth in 2017, investor Michael Terpin argues, but he cautions we're not ready for the big breakout yet.

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Scams or Not, Crypto Tokens Have History on Their Side

| Alex Millar

Blogger Alex Millar looks at how new technologies are evolving to circumvent problems with well-meaning but restrictive financial regulations.

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Do Crypto-Token Sales Make Sense for Open-Source Projects?

| Nicholas Tomaino

Investor Nick Tomaino discusses how open-source developers have been incentivized historically – and how blockchain tokens could come to play a…

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On Tokens and Crowdsales: How Startups Are Using Blockchain to Raise Capital

| Demian Brener

A look at the ways startups are utilising blockchain-based software tokens, and the various decentralized business models taking shape around them.

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Tendermint Exploring Possible Public Blockchain Launch

| Pete Rizzo

Blockchain app specialist Tendermint is in the early stages of launching a public blockchain that could find it issuing tokens.


Blockchain Project Factom Raises $1.1 Million in Crowdsale

| Pete Rizzo

Factom has closed $1.1m in new funding following the debut of a release client and before an expected beta client rollout.


Factom Raises $140k in First Day of ‘Software Sale’

| Pete Rizzo

Factom has raised 579 BTC, or roughly $140,000, through the first day of its software sale.


Augur Bets on Bright Future for Blockchain Prediction Markets

| Pete Rizzo

Can the blockchain be used to build the first unstoppable prediction market? The six-person team behind Augur are betting the answer is 'yes'.

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When is a Token a Security? Research Analyzes Blockchain Under US Law

| Pete Rizzo

A new working paper penned in part by Harvard and MIT professors analyzes how cryptographic tokens fit under US securities law.