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Judge Blasts Craig Wright’s Evidence, ‘Inconsistent’ Testimony in Kleiman Trial

| Daniel Kuhn

The judge overseeing the ongoing lawsuit against Craig Wright, who claims to have invented bitcoin, shot down a motion challenging the court's…

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Messages Proving Wright Created Bitcoin Likely ‘Faked,’ Developer Testifies

| Daniel Kuhn

In a July 24 examination, Jonathan Warren confirmed it is easy to back date messages to alter dates and times.

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Craig Wright’s Counsel Rebuts Forgery Evidence in Ongoing Lawsuit

| Daniel Kuhn

A verdict was not declared in an ongoing contempt and sanctions hearing for the self-declared inventor of bitcoin.

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Roger Ver Steps Into Chairman Role as Adds New CEO

| William Foxley

Roger Ver is now Executive Chairman of as Stefan Rust joins as CEO

Judge Rules for Roger Ver in Craig Wright Libel Lawsuit

| Daniel Kuhn

Though the suit was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds, Judge Sir Nicklin denied Wright's claims of "reputational harm" in the decision.

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Craig Wright’s Wife Could Testify Under Oath in Ongoing Kleiman Trial

| Daniel Kuhn

Three witnesses including the self-defined Nakamoto's wife, biographer, and contractual overseer are called to testify.

Crypto Genius or Fake? The Craig Wright Saga Explained

| Daniel Kuhn

Craig Wright may or may not be Satoshi Nakamoto but his appearance in court doesn't bode well for the cryptographer.

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Craig Wright Spars With Kleiman Lawyers in Combative Courtroom Appearance

| Daniel Kuhn

It was an emotional day for the self-professed creator of bitcoin as he testified in the on-going Kleiman lawsuit.

Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Creator Craig Wright to Take the Stand in Kleiman Lawsuit

| Daniel Kuhn

Steve Shadders, who sees the "Satoshiness of Wright," will testify as a factual witness alongside Wright himself.

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Craig Wright Offers New Details on Bitcoin Trust at Heart of Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

| Daniel Kuhn

A court document filed on May 8 details Craig Wright's bitcoin holdings prior to Dec. 31, 2013.