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A Right to Exist: Using Technology to Create Better ID Systems

| Steven Malby

Steven Malby of the Commonwealth Secretariat explores the challenges in bringing legal identity to the more than 1 billion people lacking recognition.

Commonwealth Secretariat Unveils Secure Blockchain Messaging App

| Stan Higgins

The Commonwealth Secretariat has launched a blockchain-powered secure communication tool for governments and law enforcement.

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Commonwealth Central Bankers to Discuss Bitcoin’s Role in Remittances

| Stan Higgins

Finance officials from the Commonwealth are set to discuss bitcoin and digital currencies within the context of global remittance flows.

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Commonwealth Governments Urged to Regulate Bitcoin

| Yessi Bello Perez

Commonwealth governments should regulate bitcoin, according to the Commonwealth's Virtual Currencies Working Group.

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Bitcoin Up For Discussion at Commonwealth Virtual Currency Meeting

| Yessi Bello Perez

The Commonwealth Virtual Currencies Working Group is meeting for the first time next week to discuss the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies.


Commonwealth Secretariat Commissions Bitcoin Report for Developing Nations

| Pete Rizzo

A two-day event that brought together representatives from the Commonwealth Secretariat has ended with the commission of a formal bitcoin report.

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Commonwealth Secretariat to Explore Bitcoin in the Developing World

| Pete Rizzo

The Commonwealth Secretariat is set to hold a hearing on digital currencies to discuss how the technology might benefit the developing world.