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WATCH: He Admitted to Faking Crypto Volumes, Then Got 5 New Clients

| Anna Baydakova

Here's CoinDesk's full interview with Alexey Andryunin, the 20-year-old ICO pumper who was in the business of market manipulation.

CoinMarketCap Makes First Acquisition to Further Improve Crypto Data Offering

| Daniel Palmer

The data provider is snapping up a firm building algorithms said to provide a “true price” for cryptocurrencies.

70% of Crypto Exchanges Have Complied With CoinMarketCap’s Transparency Initiative

| Daniel Kuhn

Crypto data provider CoinMarketCap says most listed exchanges have complied with its transparency-boosting mandatory data requests.

Bitfinex’s Bitcoin Price Excluded from CoinMarketCap Average Calculation

| Yogita Khatri

Crypto data provider CoinMarketCap has excluded bitcoin prices provided by the troubled Bitfinex exchange from its weighted average calculation.

CoinMarketCap Forms Alliance to Tackle Concerns Over Price Data Integrity

| Yogita Khatri

Crypto data provider CoinMarketCap is working with major exchanges on an initiative aimed to boost transparency in price data reporting.

CoinMarketCap Launches Crypto Data Apps With Added Features

| Yogita Khatri

Cryptocurrency data provider CoinMarketCap has launched its first Android app and revamped its iOS product, adding new app-only features.

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CoinMarketCap Crypto Indices Launch on Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Reuters

| Yogita Khatri

Two crypto benchmark indices from CoinMarketCap launch on Nasdaq, Bloomberg Terminal, Thomson Reuters and Börse Stuttgart today.

CoinMarketCap Crypto Assets Now Feature Flipside Letter Grades

| Leigh Cuen

Flipside Crypto aims to make its Fundamental Crypto Asset Score as widespread as price-to-earnings ratios for stocks.

CoinMarketCap Excludes Some Tether Data After Clarification by Bitfinex

| David Floyd

A CoinDesk report regarding a misleading data point on CoinMarketCap has led to a change in the way tether trading volume is calculated.

Bitfinex Is Publishing Data for a Tether Market That Doesn’t Exist

| David Floyd

Bitfinex's API is feeding data to CoinMarketCap on a USDT/USD trading pair that doesn't exist. So what does that $48 million in daily volume mean?