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Beyond Price: Why We Need a Better Way to Value Crypto Assets

| Michael J Casey

Institutional investors must set aside dollar-centric valuation models and recognize that value is a different concept in the crypto world.

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A New Way to Compare Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin

| Peter Ryan

Obviously a coin's price matters, but it's only one of several measures of a blockchain's value. Looking at them together gives you a fuller picture.…

Data Shows US Dollar, Not Japanese Yen, Is Dominating Bitcoin Trade

| Adam Hart

Inconsistency in the way data providers count trades across exchanges has overstated the yen's importance as a trading pair, CoinDesk research finds.


CoinDesk Research Launches State of Blockchain Q1 Report

| Alex Sunnarborg

CoinDesk Research has released its full Q1 State of Blockchain report. Here's a look at six notable highlights.

CoinDesk Previews New ‘State of Blockchain’ at Consensus 2017

| Alex Sunnarborg

See a sneak preview of CoinDesk's 'State of Blockchain' from our Consensus 2017 conference.

CoinDesk Research: Speculation Driving Boom in Blockchain ‘ICOs’

| Alex Sunnarborg

CoinDesk Research highlights the key findings from its first ‘Spotlight Study’ of 2017: an in-depth look at the blockchain token sales or ICOs.

459 Million Bitcoins: Exchange Volume Reached Peak Levels in Q4

| Bradley Miles

The fourth quarter of 2016 was a volatile period for the price of bitcoin, as speculation increased and exchange-traded volume reached peak levels.

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6 Takeaways From CoinDesk’s Q3 State of Blockchain

| Pete Rizzo

CoinDesk Research has released its full Q3 State of Blockchain, featuring nearly 100 slides of industry data.

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5 Takeaways from CoinDesk’s ‘Understanding Ethereum’ Report

| Pete Rizzo

CoinDesk provides five takeaways and unique data analysis from its latest "Understanding Ethereum" report.

CoinDesk’s Ethereum Research Report Now Available

| CoinDesk

CoinDesk Research has released "Understanding Ethereum", a 48-page deep dive into one of the most exciting blockchain projects today.