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Reports: Taiwan Police Arrest Cody Wilson Following Assault Charges

| Nikhilesh De

News reports claim that Taiwan authorities have arrested Cody Wilson after he was accused of sexually assaulting a minor in the U.S.

Crypto Advocate Cody Wilson Charged With Child Sexual Assault

| Nikhilesh De

Cody Wilson, founder of the 3D printed gun company Defense Distributed and cryptocurrency advocate, has been charged with sexually assaulting a minor.

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Crypto Isn’t Just Money – It’s a Defense Against Discrimination

| Sonya Mann

Financial discrimination shows just how precarious Americans' rights are in practice. Cryptocurrency is the solution β€” if an imperfect one at…

Trigger Warning: Why the 3D-Printed Gun Debate Matters to Crypto

| Marc Hochstein

No matter where you stand on guns, U.S. states' attempt to silence the publication of software files should be concerning to the blockchain community.

Guns & Crypto: How Bitcoin Is Helping Keep Cody Wilson’s Anarchist Dream Alive

| Michael del Castillo

The controversial founder of Defense Distributed, a manufacturer of 3D gun printers, has said his company is flourishing, in part due to bitcoin.

Cody Wilson Speaks Out on Campaign to Dismantle Bitcoin Foundation

| Jon Southurst

Anarchist Cody Wilson has launched his candidacy for the Bitcoin Foundation board elections, and reaffirmed his aim to disband the organisation.

Hyper-Anonymising Bitcoin Service ‘Dark Wallet’ Launches Today

| Kadhim Shubber

The bitcoin wallet provides new tools for financial privacy, including in-built coin mixing and 'stealth' wallet addresses.