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CME Group Is Launching Bitcoin Options Early in 2020

| Daniel Palmer

Derivatives marketplace CME Group says it will offer options on its bitcoin futures contracts starting in the first quarter of next year.

cme, mccourt

Gemini Exchange Data Is Being Added to CME’s Crypto Indices

| Daniel Palmer

Data from the Winklevoss-founded exchange Gemini is being added to eight crypto indices offered by CF Benchmarks, including its CME offerings.

Coinbase Shutters High-Speed Crypto Trading Division, Axing 30 Jobs

| Ian Allison

Coinbase is shutting down the Chicago trading technology office it opened a year ago, eliminating 30 jobs.

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CME: Average Daily Volume for Bitcoin Futures Grew 41% in Q3

| Stan Higgins

Average daily volumes for bitcoin futures trading saw a significant jump in the third quarter compared to the last period, according to CME Group.

Don’t Blame Bitcoin Futures for Bear Market, CME Exec Says

| Wolfie Zhao

Tim McCourt, managing director of CME Group, has said that bitcoin futures are not to be blamed for the slump in the crypto market this year.

CME Group Partners to Launch Ether Reference Rate Index

| Nikhilesh De

Derivatives exchange operator CME Group and U.K. firm Crypto Facilities are partnering to create an ether reference rate and real time index.

CME to Patent System for Seamless Blockchain Rule Changes

| Nikhilesh De

A new patent application from the CME outlines ways in which the rules underlying private blockchains can be rewritten.

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Editable Blockchains? Mining Futures? 2017 Saw Crypto Patents Pile Up

| Nikhilesh De

A run-down of some of the more notable crypto and blockchain patents seen in 2017.

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Bitcoin Futures Codes: How to Read Them And What They Mean

| Lanre Sarumi

So you want to trade bitcoin futures? First, learn the Chicago exchanges' highly counterintuitive naming system for monthly contracts.

Understanding Futures: A Primer for Bitcoiners

| Lanre Sarumi

You may be able to trade the bitcoin cash market anonymously, but you cannot do the same with futures.