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Crypto Exchanges Are Benefiting from Algorithmic Trading: Here’s How

| Matthew Trudeau

Matthew Trudeau, chief strategy officer at crypto asset exchange ErisX, responds to a recent article on high-frequency trading by CoinDesk

Desktop Crypto Mining Malware Is Disappearing but Cloud Computing Exploits Are Growing

| John Biggs

A new report suggests that cloud containers are the next target for mining malware.

Polychain Leads $7 Million Round in Crypto Trading Desk Altonomy

| John Biggs and Brady Dale

Altonomy, a trading desk and cloud mining company, has raised $7 million in equity investment.

Azure Integration Opens Blockchain Firm Kaleido to 80% of Cloud Market

| Brady Dale

Kaleido's blockchain solution now works on Microsoft Azure as well as AWS, giving it access to most of the cloud infrastructure market.

Cloud Provider Xunlei Launches Blockchain File System

| Muyao Shen

Xunlei Limited announced that it has launched a distributed file system called ThunderChain File System (TCFS) for its blockchain platform.

China’s Security Ministry Touts Blockchain for Evidence Storage

| Wolfie Zhao

China's Ministry of Public Security has developed a blockchain system aimed to more securely store evidence collected during police investigations.


AWS Is Making Hyperledger and Ethereum Easier to Use

| David Floyd

The cloud computing giant's offering comes just as Digital Asset, another enterprise blockchain firm, announces a developer kit for smart contracts.

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Oracle’s Entrance: Database Giant Unveils Enterprise Blockchain Strategy

| Aaron Stanley

Oracle has become the latest tech major to launch a cloud-based blockchain services platform. But is it cannibalizing its core business with the move?

IBM Opens Blockchain Garage in New York City

| Michael del Castillo

IBM has announced the opening of a new office for blockchain coders in a trendy New York City neighborhood.

Amazon Web Services is Now Working With Blockchain Startups

| Stan Higgins

Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing arm of the Web commerce giant, is partnering with investment firm Digital Currency Group.