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Christine Lagarde Pits Circle Against JPMorgan in IMF Debate

| Brady Dale

Decentralized systems are coming for the banks, argued Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, in a panel Wednesday at the International Monetary Fund.

IMF Chief Calls for Exploration of Digital Currencies

| Yogita Khatri

Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, encouraged the exploration of central bank digital currencies in a speech on Wednesday.

IMF’s Lagarde: Track Cryptos with Blockchain to ‘Fight Fire with Fire’

| Annaliese Milano

IMF head Christine Lagarde has argued that regulators could use blockchain technology itself to regulate cryptocurrencies

IMF Chief Lagarde: Global Cryptocurrency Regulation Is ‘Inevitable’

| Wolfie Zhao

Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, has stated that international regulatory action on cryptocurrencies is "inevitable."

World Leaders Are Talking Crypto at Davos

| Nikhilesh De

World leaders have struck a cautionary tone on cryptocurrencies in statements made during the World Economic Forum event in Davos.

‘Massive Disruption’: IMF’s Lagarde Says Cryptocurrencies Must Be Taken Seriously

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, has warned that central banks and financial services need to pay closer attention to cryptocurrencies.

IMF’s Lagarde: Ignoring Cryptocurrencies ‘May Not Be Wise’

| Nikhilesh De

Cryptocurrencies and their potential for growing use shouldn't be ignored, according to IMF chief Christine Lagarde.