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Coinbase CEO Armstrong Pledges to Give Crypto Wealth to Charitable Causes

| Daniel Palmer

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has joined other super-wealthy individuals in pledging to donate much of his net-worth to philanthropic causes.

Binance to Disclose Crypto Listing Fees, Donate 100% to Charity

| Wolfie Zhao

Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange by trading volume, says all listing fees will now be declared and donated to its charity arm.

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Binance Taps UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador to Lead Charity Effort

| Muyao Shen

Binance announced today that it has appointed Helen Hai as the new head of its charity foundation.

CryptoKitties Charity Auction Raises $15K for Children’s Hospital

| Nikhilesh De

Bella's Kitty Den, a CryptoKitties marketplace, raised over $15,000 by auctioning donated collectible kitties for the Seattle Children's Hospital.

What You Don’t Know About Crypto Taxes Can Hurt You

| Steve Latham

There has been no new cryptocurrency tax guidance from the IRS since 2014. Consequently, few investors fully understand how to treat 2017 gains.

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Crypto Is Now Fastest Growing Donation for Fidelity Charitable

| Michael del Castillo

Fidelity Charitable has revealed it received $69 million in crypto donations in 2017, making it the fastest-growing option accepted by the firm.

Non-Profits See Blockchain Vision, But Face Harsh Realities

| Aaron Stanley

Non-profits are fast waking up to the possibilities offered by blockchain, but implementing real-world solutions will be anything but easy.

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Blockchain and Aid: It’s About More Than Efficiency

| Noelle Acheson

A closer look at how blockchain efforts could make a real difference in the world of charities and aid distribution.

Fidelity Charitable Has Raised $9 Million in Bitcoin So Far in 2017

| Stan Higgins

Fidelity Charitable has announced it has raised nearly $9m in bitcoin in 2017, a figure that already surpasses last year's total.

Alibaba Affiliate to Expand Blockchain Charity Project

| Garrett Keirns

Ant Financial, the payments affiliate of e-commerce giant Alibaba, is moving to expand the scope of its blockchain-powered charity project.