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WeChat Now Censoring Bitmain and Crypto Price Prediction Accounts

| Wolfie Zhao

WeChat has just blocked an official sales channel for Bitmain miners, along with several accounts that analyse the crypto markets.

China’s Government Censorship Agency Is Hiring a Crypto Expert

| Wolfie Zhao

A high-level government media censor in China wants to hire a cryptographer with expertise in blockchain technology.

Pharma Scandal Prompts Calls to Put Vaccine Data on a Blockchain

| Wolfie Zhao

Blockchain technology could help track vaccine data and help avoid safety scandals like the one currently causing uproar in China.

Crypto Exchanges Are Suddenly Being Censored In Iran

| Leigh Cuen

Iranians using cryptocurrency to hedge against inflation have recently hit a roadblock, an apparent outage of domestic onramps to the market.

Freedom of the Press Foundation Now Accepts Donations in 5 Cryptos

| Nikhilesh De

The Freedom of the Press Foundation has expanded its donation methods to include five cryptocurrencies, calling the move a "natural fit."

Russian Court Overturns Cryptocurrency Media Ban

| Wolfie Zhao

A city-level court in Russia has revoked a ban issued in 2016 that blocked cryptocurrency media site, among others.

GoTenna Launches a Bitcoin Wallet That Works Without the Internet

| Leigh Cuen

The txTenna partnership with Samourai Wallet offers bitcoin transactions via mesh networks.

#MeToo Movement Turns to Ethereum to Evade Censorship

| Wolfie Zhao

Inspired by the #metoo movement, students in China are coding messages into the ethereum blockchain to escape Chinese internet censorship.

Don’t Use a Blockchain Unless You Really Need One

| Marc Hochstein

Blockchains are inefficient, and worth the cost only when censorship-resistance is required. For money, it clearly is; for identity, it just might be.


Is Bitcoin For the Masses or Against the State?

| Bailey Reutzel

CoinDesk contributor Bailey Reutzel argues the communication breakdown in bitcoin reveals the project is no longer making good on its original ideals.