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Is It Time for a Blockchain Brexit?

| Pindar Wong

The U.K. is on the brink of a previously unthinkable 'hard Brexit' from the European Union. A solution could be found in the capabilities of…

As No-Deal Brexit Looms, UK Blockchain Startups Are Weighing Options

| Madeline Meng Shi

The U.K. is on the cusp of leaving the E.U., sparking concern for blockchain startups working within a government-run regulatory sandbox.

Blockchain Can Help UK ‘Stay Relevant’ After Brexit, Says EU Lawmaker

| Annaliese Milano

British MEP Kay Swinburne has called on the U.K. to implement and champion blockchain technology as the country moves to leave the EU.

Politics, Protocols and the Changing Face of Finance

| Mat Cybula

Do 2016's political changes foreshadow blockchain's impact? Cryptiv's CEO argues the two might be more intertwined than one might think.


From Brexit to Bitfinex: What Shaped Bitcoin’s Price in 2016

| Charles Bovaird

Bitcoin prices surged more than 80% in 2016, pushed higher by developments such as the Brexit, the halving and the Bitfinex hack.

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Will the Brexit and China Continue to Influence Bitcoin Prices?

| Charles Bovaird

In the previous weeks, macroeconomic uncertainty has spurred investment interest in bitcoin, but will this continue into the second half of 2016?

Bitcoin Price Climbs Over 50% in First Half of 2016

| Charles Bovaird

CoinDesk analyzes activities in the bitcoin and ether markets over the first six months of 2016.

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How the ‘Brexit’ Could Impact the UK’s Blockchain Influence

| Michael del Castillo

Momentum around the UK’s rapidly growing blockchain industry could slow following the 'Brexit' vote, experts say.

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Ex-JPMorgan Strategist: Euro Collapse Will Fuel Bitcoin’s Growth

| Pete Rizzo

The owner of a bitcoin investment fund is arguing investors should begin preparing for the "death of the euro" following last week's 'Brexit'.

Bitcoin Rollercoaster Rides Brexit As Ether Price Holds Amid DAO Debacle

| Charles Bovaird

Bitcoin and ether prices rode a rollercoaster during the week ending 24th June, a period defined by the UK's vote to leave the European Union.