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Blythe Masters Looks Beyond Finance for Next Wave of Blockchain Growth

| Ian Allison

The enterprise DLT startup now sees a vast range of opportunities, both within the industry where its founder spent most of her career and outside it.

Blythe Masters: Business Blockchain Won’t Be ‘Winner-Takes-All’

| David Floyd

At the Synchronize 2018 conference in New York City, enterprise blockchains heavyweights made it clear they want to build ethereum-like platforms.

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Bitcoin Takes All? Enterprise Blockchains Need Time, Too

| Marc Hochstein

This is not the kind of technology where you "move fast and break things." Financial market infrastructure is too big to bet on a buzzword.

Blythe Masters

Blythe Masters: ASX Blockchain Embrace ‘Precedent Setting’

| Michael del Castillo

Blythe Masters discusses the potential impact of the ASX decision to implement her company's distributed ledger solution.

Is Blockchain Worth the Trouble? Blythe Masters (and More) Say Yes at Sibos

| Michael del Castillo

While blockchain solutions can be expensive, it's a price worth paying to mitigate security weaknesses, says Digital Asset's Blythe Masters.

$40 Million: Digital Asset Holdings Closes Series B Fundraising

| Marc Hochstein

The enterprise blockchain startup has raised another $40 million in funding and hired a former Microsoft executive.

Blythe Masters

Threat or Opportunity? Blythe Masters Talks Blockchain Jobs Impact

| Michael del Castillo

Digital Asset CEO Blythe Masters took the stage last week to discuss how the blockchain industry needs to be aware of its impact on the job market.

Blythe Masters Talks ‘Tipping Point’ for Business Blockchain Adoption

| Michael del Castillo

A new white paper signals Digital Asset's increased efforts to take blockchain tech mainstream.

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Digital Asset Targets World’s Biggest Banks With New Blockchain Tech

| Michael del Castillo

Digital Asset Holdings revealed new blockchain smart contracts tech at a meeting of the Hyperledger project last week.

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Singapore Central Bank Adds Blockchain CEOs to Advisory Panel

| Michael del Castillo

Blythe Masters and 14 other financial leaders have joined a new tech advisory panel formed by Singapore's central bank.