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Metronome Now Lets Users Move Tokens Between Blockchains

| Daniel Kuhn

Co-founder Jeff Garzik says the insistence on one currency to one blockchain introduces unnecessary risk for token holders.

Bloq Labs’ Titan Aims to Simplify Crypto Farming

| John Biggs

Titan is a one-step crypto miner management system from Bloq Labs.

Fidelity’s Blockchain R&D Lead Just Went Full Crypto

| Anna Baydakova

Fidelity Investments' blockchain R&D lead is leaving to join blockchain startup Bloq as its first-ever chief operating officer.


Jeff Garzik Is Reworking the Segwit2x Code

| Alyssa Hertig

The code original designed for one of bitcoin's most controversial software proposals is being repurposed for a new objective.

metronome, time

Jeff Garzik Startup Bloq to Launch Cross-Blockchain Cryptocurrency

| Pete Rizzo

The figure at the center of bitcoin's scaling debate is launching a new cryptocurrency aimed to quell longstanding issues with public blockchains.

New Chicago Blockchain Center Launches With Government Backing

| Michael del Castillo

Major enterprises have joined forces with the State of Illinois to launch a new blockchain center in the Windy City.

Bloq Launches Blockchain Lab, Joins Enterprise Ethereum

| Garrett Keirns & Michael del Castillo

Blockchain startup has moved to back a pair of new initiatives centered on open-source development.

Bloq Buys Blockchain Analytics Firm Skry in First Acquisition

| Stan Higgins

Bloq has acqui-hired blockchain analytics startup Skry in a move aimed to boost its analytics offering.

With Vulcan Project, PwC Wants Banks to Rethink Bitcoin

| Pete Rizzo

PwC Australia sheds light on the origins and utility of its newly launched digital asset service Vulcan.

Inside Bloq’s Bid to Bring Bitcoin’s Code to Enterprise Businesses

| Pete Rizzo

CoinDesk profiles Bloq, a new startup by bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik and long-time industry investor Matt Roszak.