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Blockstack Won’t Need to Sell Bitcoin or Ether to Survive Crypto Winter

| Leigh Cuen

Blockstack limited its access to funds raised last year, so it couldn't spend faster than it gained traction. Now that's paying off.

Blockchain Startup Blockstack Unveils Plan to Decentralize Itself

| Nikhilesh De

Blockstack announced a plan to decentralize the network's corporate structure on Friday.

Blockstack’s First Business App Wants to Help Employees Earn More Crypto

| Leigh Cuen

Misthos' new multi-signature bitcoin wallet for businesses aims to empower workers and democratize the setting of wages.

Blockstack Announces ‘Universal’ Dapp Store for the Decentralized Web

| Nikhilesh De

Blockstack announced, a decentralized app store aimed at bringing together all dapps for users' convenience.

Blockstack Fund to Give Crypto Social Networks $1 Million Boost

| Annaliese Milano

Decentralized web developer Blockstack has set aside $1 million in grants to fund distributed social networking projects.

‘Ebay for CryptoKitties’ Raises $2 Million from All-Star VCs

| Brady Dale

The number of crypto collectables, like CryptoKitties, is growing and investors think a marketplace for their trade is a good bet.

Two Big Crypto Startups Are Out to Build One Universal Wallet

| Leigh Cuen

The two startups are offering developers $50,000 to build a wallet that would support almost any token, even those that haven’t been created yet.

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USV, Winklevoss Bros Invest in $50 Million Blockstack ICO

| Brady Dale

Decentralized web developer Blockstack has revealed that it raised $50 million in an initial coin offering that saw notable investors participate.

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Blockstack Counterattacked a Phishing Attempt on Its ICO

| Brady Dale

When phishing sites tried to con investors during its recent ICO, Blockstack used its tech expertise to turn the tables on the tricksters.

A More Equitable ICO? Why Blockstack Said No to a Token Pre-Sale

| Brady Dale

Disappointed in the way ICOs are often handled, and needing wide distribution, Blockstack has dropped the pre-sale for its upcoming token launch.